Prisma Martinez, MS, LMFT #111896



Working Together!

Welcome to the safe space that empowers your true authentic self. I am passionate about my role in helping new and soon to be parents find peace in their world. In therapy, I help guide your individual healing process in a safe, respectful, and compassionate space. I use an empathetic approach to support your way in making sense of the struggles that come with unforeseen parenthood experiences. Growing up under the eyes of trauma gave me a powerful narrative to first-hand understand the strength and effort it takes to break away from the chains that bind you, allowing me to be a strong advocate for those who are trying to find their voice.

Compassionate support for mothers, fathers, and caregivers

Every prenatal and postpartum journey is different and there is no need why you should travel it alone

Perinatal Mental Health Services available to you:

Individual Therapy 

Family Therapy 

Couples Counseling



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